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Welcome to Energy Healing Info...

Hello. Welcome. Is this your first time here? We're Patrick and Tanja and we're Energy Healing Info.

Have you done energy healing work before or is this your first time? We're an online holistic healing guide with over 400 pages of instructions all about alternative therapies and holistic lifestyles.

We've got information about working with healing crystals, taking reiki to the next level, how to meditate, and how positive affirmations can brighten your outlook on life.

A great place to get started is with our energy healing articles or our 7 chakras guide for an understanding of your chakra system and how to keep it in balance.

So browse around and find your favorite nook. We have 400+ pages waiting for you. Let's get started...

A snapshot of what's here...

therapeutic essential oils Aromatherapy and Therapuetic Essential Oils
The benefits of aromatherapy and essential oils recipes for common health concerns such as insomnia, colds, skin conditions, and pain.

abundance and prosperity Abundance and Prosperity
A guide to attracting abundance into your life including a must-read article on the 9 prosperity laws of attraction.

astrology compatibility Astrology Compatibility
Find the love of your life or learn how to improve your existing relationship using astrology compatibility.

seven chakras Chakra Healing
Learn how to balance your chakra system with our seven chakras guide and discover chakra techniques, charts and meditations.

healing crystals Healing Crystals
Explore the gentle energy of healing crystals with our crystal and stone guide. Section includes tips for choosing and working with crystals.

mindfulness meditation Meditation
Discover the serenity that can be found in meditation. Explore the history of meditation and simple techniques for getting started.

mantra meanings Mantras
A guide to working with mantras featuring the most popular mantras, their meanings, and how to chant them.


Our online chakra balancer is a free tool that you can use over and over again. It will take you on a journey through all seven of your chakras, balancing each one. It combines color therapy, reiki and seven crystal singing bowls which are each aligned to one of your seven chakras. Get started now by clicking the video. The singing crystal bowls music in the chakra healing video is from our CD, Sacred Sounds. You can read more about our

Would you like to share your knowledge about energy healing? Contribute to!

chakra balancing cd/mp3 here if you like.

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